How I Earned $661 in January 2021 Work From Home (With Proofs)

In this article, I have shared a personal experience with earning proof about how I earn money online. Recently I have earned $661 in January 2020 month and I have also provided earning records.

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How To Make Money Online – My Earning Source and Programs

If you ask me a question, how am I earning online and what are the sources that make me steady income monthly genuinely, then I would suggest following main things before you start your online full time or parttime work from home career.

Interest – Are you looking for work from home jobs to earn extra or your primary source of income, then the first thing you must have an INTEREST towards the program or work that you would be going to do by own research. The interest may be different from Person to Person, but the goal is the same to earn extra income than your primary or main work.

Learn – Honestly, if you don’t have the ability to learn new things, then online jobs may be slightly difficult to start, but if you have an Interest(as mentioned above), then you will surely learn the new things.

Basic Knowledge and Understanding – Basic knowledge of computers with the internet is essential to work online. Understanding is also important to begin your first online job.

Equipment – An essential thing to work online is that you should well equipped the latest version of the computer, latest version mobile, high-speed internet. Because technology has reached to next level generation in the past two years than what it was before five-ten years ago. The new mobile technology has almost replacing computer work so everywhere you find Mobile App related work. So to access the new technology, you must have at least the latest updated version mobile, computer, tablet, laptop so that you can work online easily.

My Primary Source of Earnings

Basically, I am a Blogger, and I write blogs on various topics and earn through Ads publisher programs like Google AdSense. I will write another article on how you can make money through Google AdSense, as I have recently started this blog.

Other than Google AdSense, I have also various other sources from where I am earning online regularly.

My January 2020 $661 Earning Source

Now coming to the point as to what I mentioned early that how I have made $661 from one of my primary earning sources. Apart from Blog writing, I am an Internet Analyst and Evaluator who help top companies to improve their user experience through a client. My work is to evaluate the data provided by my client company who works for the world’s top ten companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. I am an independent contractor of my client company who pays per assigned projects either hourly or per project completion. So as last month my earning was around $661. I am working with the client for the past two years with regular monthly payments.

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Source: My Earning Reports Payment Proofs

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